Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Shanes been traveling lots.
Boston has turned into the most delightful boy (with a few exceptions). Please let me explain: I feel like he's finely coming out of the annoying 2-3 year old thing. Example he goes to bed without a yelp.
This gives me hope for Brody because he is smack in the middle of this stage. With Boston I just assumed this would last forever I didn't get it really was a stage.
I am obsessed with the Redemption Song by Rhianna. Also Pinks performance at the latest awards show.
My kids are always singing the Diaper Dance Song, thanks Jenna. Although their dancing along makes it all worth it.
We've been eating Costco muffins like you wouldn't believe, unless you saw my kitchen floor.
Brody is in the WHY stage.
Brody's skin is doing so much better.
Boston is one of the best in his pre-school class.
We have hardly any snow here. I can't believe it. Last year we didn't see our grass from Nov.-Jun. Hope we at least get some more rain, for drought reasons.
I cannot believe I am into the Bachelor. So not my thing.
I haven't updated the blog because once I got family pictures done I stopped taking pictures, thinking oh I'm covered. 5 months later I realize oops. The batteries are charging now, I better get clickin.