Sunday, November 21, 2010

Brody's Stitches

Brody got 3 stitches while playing at a friends house.
He was diving into a bean bag and hit the edge of the
table on the way. Putting in the stitches was very
traumatic. Hopefully taking them out won't be as bad.


Eli enjoying the scene (shown below) at Wiamea

We were able to visit the open house at the temple, AMAZING!

We had a wonderful opportunity to go to Hawaii with some
of Shane's family, to celebrate Grandmas 80Th birthday. We
had a blast and it was nice to just relax with one boy, Eli. He
enjoyed all the attention and lovin' since he was the only
child on the trip. I loved just being able to stare at him all
day, like I was able to with Boston. Although we kept busy
with Shane as our official tour guide. The boys did good here
with friends and my parents. THANKS to everyone who made
this trip possible.


We had fun with our friends this Halloween season!