Friday, October 29, 2010


Coming home, 8 hours after birth

first bath, given by Grandma Deanie

Our Eli is so precious. We love him so much! He was born late
September 15th, weighing in at 6' 14". Thankfully everything
went great. We made it to the birthing center with plenty of time.
Which was a huge concern because Shane almost delivered Brody.
Although it was still a fairly short labor. He scored a 10 on the
Apgar test right after coming out and wasn't even screaming,
but was very calm and alert. He is doing so good, and learning to
smile which is the highlight of my day.


First Day of Pre-school

Brody is sure growing up fast, I guess thats what a new baby does.
He started school at the same school Boston goes to, he thinks he's
pretty big. Brody loves to dress up. He is always sporting something
silly, from a conductors hat to hotpads as shoes. Brody has a tendancy
to find the oldest person in the room and make them their best friend.
So naturaly grandmas and grandpas are his favorite. When playing
pretend he wants to be the grandma. He also loves his new baby
brother, always giving him full attention. Brody has a great little laugh
that is contagious and everyone loves.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


First day of school, what a little stud!

Kick ball team

We have the cutest kindergardener you ever saw. Boston is a
busy little boy. He has started playing sports this year with
kickball in the spring, soccer in the fall and just started
wrestling. He even ran in a little race in Midway this spring.
He quite the athlete and learned how to ride a "two wheeler"
bike. He loves playing with his friends and has made many
new friends because many of his friends left him all at the
same time, moving out of state or country, poor guy. He is silly
and loves to tease. I can't believe how big he is.