Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We had a great Easter. On Saturday we went to the high school and did an Easter Egg hunt with the kids. It was very entertaining. They had the field roped off into age groups, both of our kids were in the youngest group. There are tons of people standing around the field waiting for them to say go. As we are waiting and waiting trying to explain to Boston why we have to wait for the candy, I look around to observe who else came out for this wonderful event. I was so touched by so many of the little young family's who brought their baby's for their first Easter egg hunt all decked out Easter outfits, (as our were still practicaly in there pjs, mommy guilt trip) ah so cute I thought to myself. The candy is just thrown all over the field for easy pick up. Finally, they say "GO" and there is this mad dash of parents holding their young children. It took us a while to get to any candy, we eventually found a few here and there and it was very exiting. In less then 3 minutes it was over, like lotus eating a field. So, Boston and I find Shane and Brody and start heading back. As I look around I see all those same parents holding their baby's with full to the brim baskets of candy. I had to laugh. Now keep in mind there are stickers on select candy that lead you to prices from the local rotary club. We are not talking new cars or college educations here, but chocolate bunnies and other small prizes. It's like that bit the comedian Brian Regan does about "the cup of dirt." He jokes about the science projects in Elementary school, the one he rememberd as he was leaving for school the day it was due, grabs a cup and puts dirt into it. The teacher asks "Brian what do you have there?" he replies "It's a cup of dirt." Please explain Brian, "Well, it's a cup with dirt in it." Then he talks about the kid who brings in whole rotating solar systems, who keep repeating, "The big yellow one is the sun." The kid can't even zip up his pants, but can make a whole solar system, RIGHT. I remind Shane of this little skit he does and we could not stop laughing as we saw parent after parent walk by leaving with their only child to young to even have sugar with mounds of candy. Shane added a little something from Jay Leno, " the economy is bad, it's real bad."

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Happy (Early) Birthday Brody

My Dad came to town for work yesterday so he took us to dinner. We never know when his work schedule will bring him back so he went ahead and got Brody an early (a month early) birthday present. Brody really wanted a tricycle, really, he did. Bostons bike is to big, although he tries to make it work. Also, he always tries to take the neighbor kids tricycle and throws the biggest fit when I have to pull him off because the kid wants it back. So we went to WalMart after dinner and got him this new tricycle. We also got Boston some new cars to pacify him, which he was so grateful for. Brody LOVES his new tricycle! He went crazy when it was time for him to go to bed because he didn't want to leave the bike. Brody likes it when we lay down next to his crib and hold his little hand through the bars, so I put the bikes handle bars through the crib bars and told him to hold his hand. He held on tight and I didn't hear a peep. Thank You Grandpa and Grandma!