Wednesday, May 21, 2008


As I anticipate Shane's soon arrival, my thoughts turned to what is different from when he left. In three weeks there are so many things that have changed from Brody's new love for walking and Boston's short du to much smaller things like our furniture's new arrangement. We have been keeping busy getting the garden up and running for the season, Day out with Thomas (Boston and I got to ride on Thomas the Train), learning to go peepee in the potty standing up (Boston that is), and so much more. We all are ready for you to come home Daddy, the house is even clean, well clean in our standards.


Thank you Aunt "Nenna" for the matching uniforms!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Bathing Buddys

As you can see in this picture directly above, Brody has an ichy bum. Does anyone know how to help egzema? I have tried everything I could think of, and what the doctors have given me. If anyone has any suggestions, please chime in.

Grandma's Here!

Yay, my mom is here visiting. She is here to help and enjoy her grandkids. She is a very talented photographer so my blog will benefit from her stay.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


Brody is such a sweet baby! I can't believe he's one. It's not just that it has gone by so fast, but he is still such a baby. Perhaps he seems such a baby compared to our big boy Boston. Brody is still a moma's boy, and yes I love it(although it would be nice to go into the bathroom by myself sometimes, fighting him off from eating the toilet paper and trying to play in the toilet bowl is quite a challenge). He is going to others now, grandma's really are where it's at. He loves to be mobile, however he isn't walking yet, even though he can, just won't(it frustrates Shane). He loves to climb, anything. He hates getting changed, whether it's just a diaper or clothes, he fights and screams the whole time. His favorite game would have to be peek-a-boo. If he hears a "Yay," even if it's down the street, he claps. He loves feeling different textures and I love this because I get the softest hand petting me while I nurse him. He didn't have any teeth at 11 months and now has like 6, ya it's been a crazy month. I was pleased at his birthday party at our house to see him SO happy when we sang the happy birthday song. I'll get those pictures up soon. I am so thankful for my loveing baby boy, and his wet kisses melt my heart. Oh ya, I have to mention his "head bonking." It's like his way of comunicating, you know he loves you if he'll head bonk you. This is no light tapping with one another but continues hard shots to your head with his. And if he misses because you wern't paying attention, you'll be sorry with your eyes watering like crazy because it felt like he just broke your nose.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


It has been a crazy last couple of weeks. Brody has been sick, twice. We went to California to see my parents and for Heathers wedding. Brody turned one and Shane has been traveling tons. It's been intense, but I got some pictures from my mom and had to post a few really quick. We had a great time in California visiting with friends and family and of course playing.