Tuesday, March 1, 2011


In February we went to Moorea, a small island off of
Tahiti. It was a trip of a life time. Here are a few pics
of many. Eli had a great vacation from the cold and his
two loud obnoxious brothers. Thank you Jenna and
everyone else who made this trip possible. What a great
way to spend Valentines! Shane how are you ever going
to top this?

our view from our over water bungalow
Belvedere lookout

pictures from our deck around sunset

At night the hotel would feed sharks from the crepe bar
p.s. don't swim at night


Grandma V said...

This looks so fun! Glad you guys were able to make it happen. Eli is just too cute in these pics.

holly said...

Serioulsy? We did our taxes on valentines day. Looks awesome. Hope you are doing well and congrats on having another baby! You have a cute family. Miss you.

Sorensons said...

Love the pic of Eli hugging Jo! It looks so pretty there!!

Anonymous said...

How fun is that! Miss you guys

sarawhat said...

Love this. Just added another desitination to my dream list.

Britney said...

Were so jealous of your tahiti trip! Little eli is adorable!